March 8, 2018


I installed Windows 10 a few weeks ago and Google Chrome seemed to work fine. Over the last week when I am browsing with two or three tabs open, if I want to close a tab Chrome freezes. I then have to go to the X at the right of the screen and close. Before it closes it says along the top of the screen `chrome is not responding`. A box appears where I have the option to wait or close the program. I have waited in the past and nothing happens, so I always click `close the program`. It then says windows is looking for a solution and closes down all tabs to my start screen. If I click on Google Chrome again it will give me the option to restore. This is becoming very annoying and I cannot understand why it has just started. I have uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it but it is happening on a daily basis quite a few times. My version of Chrome is 45.0.2454.93 m. Any help would be appreciated!

Please help.

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