August 24, 2007

I have a '91 4Runner with a 3.0L that keeps coming up with a check engine light. When I run the code it is the knock sensor. Just a few quick questions...
1. Where the heck is the sensor! My Chilton and a Haynes manual are very vauge about it's location. I think it is the one on the back of the block next to the temp sending/sensor. Noting that the sensor's wire is a single black lead I think I have it.
2. If I disconnect it will the truck run?
3. With which engine do you have to remove the intake manifold to acess the sensor?
4. Is it likely the wire leading to the sensor rather than the sensor itself?

Both manuals say that the other possible problems are in the ECM itself...which if I need one I've found one in a salvage yard.

Thanks. a new Toyota owner in cheesehead land!