December 8, 2006

I've recently completed integrating megasquirt into a 22RE - this system can be used with the 22RE and 22RTE.. with an adapter harness, it can plug right in.

IF you've got a stock truck - you don't need this.
If you've gone turbo, supercharged, want to get rid of your AFM, want to use alternate injectors, you're signficantly ported, or stroked - this is the SDS equivalent at 1/3 of the price:

Allows you to completely remap timing, completely remap fuel, do datalogging.. a bunch of interesting stuff.

Note, I'm not a vendor and I'm not selling it!
Cost? $180 to build it yourself.
$325-$350 to buy it.
harness: build it yourself - I've got a how to, or buy the harness for around $125.